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About US

Who we are ?

NFTLatinoAmerica is an organization made up of a multidisciplinary team, in charge of create aplications into the blockchain in order to help the people to get involve into this amazing world, creating NFTs in a easy and cheap way so they can get profits of their abilities creating pixel arts in our Canva system, we are commited with our Crypto Artist community to promote their art and make it valuable.

How we help you ?

Our primary goal at NFTLatinoAmerica is to help you to get involve into the blockchain world as a digital NFT creator and help you to get profits in the process, we promote our Crypto Artist thought all our social media and web page. We give you an innovator market place system that any one could use to buy and sell NFTs created with our system even if you are an NFT investor or a Crypto Artist this web page is ideal for you and your benefits.

Questions and Suggestions

If you have any question, suggestion or contribution, you can write to us and with pleasure we will answer you.